CTAI Foundation's

Round Table Day

October 6, 2023
IIT, Bombay

Join us for a Round Table discussion on how CTAI Foundation can play a role in accelerating Construction Technology adoption and the course of action that it plans to chart in the coming year.

About CTAI Round Table Meeting

This round table will bring together industry leaders, aca-demics, and researchers to discuss the latest trends and developments in construction technology and to identify the
key challenges and opportunities for the CTAI Foundation to
address in the coming year

We will also be announcing our new VDC Professional Program in collaboration with the Stanford Center for Professional Development, and sharing details about the program
for participants & mentors.

The VDC Professional Program is a eight-month online and
in-person program that will provide participants with the
knowledge and skills they need to to build projects right the
first time without rework and with predictable outcomes.

If you are interested in participating in the VDC Professional
Program or would like to learn more about the CTAI
Foundation and our work in construction industry, please
join us for this round table discussion

To attend the round table meeting, please register for free:

CTAI Foundation’s Round Table Meeting Registration

Please write to us at [email protected] if you have any queries or need additional information.​

We look forward to seeing you there!​